Working with business

Businesses are increasingly recognising that working with their local community brings a wide range of benefits.

Working with the local community raises awareness about the business, enhances its reputation, helps to build a network of potential partners and supporters, and can even help in winning business contracts. For example, some local authorities prefer to award contracts to businesses with a record of community involvement.

There are also internal benefits. Working with the local community is an opportunity for team-building and developing mentoring skills. These opportunities are amplified when it involves working in partnership with a community in the developing world.

Over the years we’ve helped businesses identify the best projects for them. As with all Africa’s Gift’s projects we look to see the benefits for both partners. We’re committed to the belief that partnership only works if the benefits are mutual.

To make friendships and work in partnership with an overseas community is energising and empowering for a business and it's workforce.

In some cases, working with an overseas community has led to a business applying its expertise to solve a specific problem and inadvertently developing a new product, that has opened up new markets.