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Africa’s Gift supports largely rural communities in southern Africa (principally Lesotho, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Malawi) and Uganda, working closely with community members to effect change through the development of practical solutions to clearly identified needs. 

We also reach out to UK community members who wish to become involved - at home or overseas. 

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Cooking for the poorest community members in the world can be a dangerous and hugely time consuming concern every single day. In addition the need to cut down vegetation to provide fuel to burn, results in devastating soil erosion.

To combat this, we are introducing an amazing invention which transforms lives and nurtures nature. The Wonderbag invented by an African lady, provides an ingenious solution to these problems and every household should have one.  It is a one pot thermal cooker, that is truly extraordinary and in Africa saves time and uses significantly less fuel which reduces the risk of smoke inhalation. In the Western world cooking with a Wonderbag would not only save you money, it will also help reduce your carbon footprint. The Wonderbag saves between 0.5 and 2 tonnes of CO2 each year depending of fuel type used.

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Don't go buying unwanted gifts for Christmas. THE essential 'must have' this Christmas is the Wonderbag. 

To purchase your very own Wonderbag visit https://www.wonderbagworld.com/shop-uk and use code AFRICASGIFT5 at the checkout and receive a 5% discount.
 Contact us to learn more about how we have introduced this successfully to many communities. Get in touch if you are an organisation trying to conserve habitats, release women in Africa from drudgery, or are working with the fuel poor (home or abroad). 

Sponsor a Wonderbag for someone near or far that is struggling to put meals on the table. We are not only working with communities with great need in Africa, but unbelievably in 2020 close to home too!
The impact research with Sheffield Hallam University with users in Africa, had Masters students in tears of joy with the feedback.

CHANGE LIVES and NURTURE NATURE - get Wonderbag savvy!

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